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2One Forum Mod v3


This version contains useful extensions, compressed in one package. The thought was, to use the forum as a better discuss base, which wasnt easy to implement in the "Standard" edition. With this modification, the forum base reached a completely new level.

This modification was so adapted, that the complete content needs to be taken! I ask you to consider this. In small or thin contents the forum will not be displayed properly or even tear the design.

Version 3 incorporates many different and useful modifications, combined in one, here is a listing of what is possible with this mod:

- THX Addon by zwantE
- Forum Ads by bazic
- Forum Polls by iflow
- Forum Attachments by yoshi
- Forum Admin Actions by yoshi

- visual change to the standard, all new subdivisions
- Many hover effects
- In the post to include attachments, forum image attachments are issued as Lightbox
- The possibility of a new thread to start a poll
- To delete or move multiple topics at the same time
- Advertisement banner between the first to topic posts
- To thank for replys
- completely new icons, both in the topic view, as even in the forum
- to choose between 9 predefined color themes


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